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Digital Mailroom Solution.

Capture documents and accelerate processing

Digitize incoming digital and paper documents and automatically extract critical business information.

Streamline incoming data for business workflows

Validate and verify data to integrate with internal and external systems.

Automate and manage across the entire process

Automate mail processing and manage approvals, exceptions, and other scenarios in minutes.


Digital Mailroom Automation extracts and validates information from incoming paper and digital mail and converts it to data that informs business workflows across internal and external ecosystems.

Digital Mailroom Solution of a young woman working on laptop with mug

Convert incoming digital and paper content into structured data for your business workflows.


Scale managed mailroom operations across the organization and create access for your remote workforce.


Streamline movement of all documents into business workflows and provide procedures to manage documents considered “exceptions.”


Gather valuable analytics and insights into business workflows to improve processes.

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