Digital Mailroom Processing

Five Fast Facts About Digital Mailroom

1. Provides document scanning and capture to digitize mail when it enters an organization
2. Offers content management so the mail can be classified and distributed to staff for routine workflows
3. Merges paper and email to make your business information more accessible
4. Provides audit trails for compliance policies
5. Exports to your system of record sharing critical information at any time with authorized individuals regardless of their location

Explore our flexible options for outsourcing your mailroom.

Decoding Digital Mailroom Processing

Incoming Mail

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Document Management

Are your team members remote part- or full-time?

Fifty percent of the global workforce is remote at least 2.5 days per week according to the International Workplace Group.

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Is it difficult to maintain mailroom staff?

The seismic shift to remote work has resulted in consolidated corporate real estate and disappearing physical office locations. So, has the traditional mailroom become obsolete?

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Are there problems routing mail in a timely manner?

Business, government, higher education, and other large organizations send and receive millions of mail pieces annually. Our Digital Mailroom Processing Service and Automation Platform can easily manage that huge volume of incoming mail.

Decoding Terminology


Ingestion and scanning of documents from paper, email, or any electronic source into a software platform that uses OCR (optical character recognition) to make text “readable” so important data can be captured for next steps in a workflow or retrieval after it’s been archived.


Software that examines and classifies structured or semi-structured documents resulting in an auto-generated library of templates. This automatic classification reduces the need for pre-sorting documents before scanning so that organizations getting high volumes of paper mail dramatically cut costs.

Content Management

Software that allows users to import, manage, and access paper, email, images, web pages, and more from one secure library. Provides quick and easy access to any information stored in the content library with full-text searching.


Translating the characters of a scanned document and converting it into machine readable text.


Workflow refers to applications that move information and documents around inside the company. Some workflows are highly complex processes and involve many people from different parts of the world. Security, therefore, becomes increasingly important. Workflow technologies offer simple interfaces and built-in security components.

Team BerkOne

  • Our team has specialized in content and process automation since 1936.
  • A dedicated client service manager guides the process, troubleshoots, and problem solves.
  • Certified technical architects and developers build client-specific integrations for your ERP, CRM, AP – any System of Record.


  • Scalable document processing optimized for high mail volume.
  • Our Intelligent Document Tracking manages and reconciles documents per your Service Level Agreement.
  • State-of-the-art, high-capacity imaging and processing equipment delivers jobs with precision, high quality, on time, all the time.

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Security & Compliance

  • We insure secure mail routing with encryption and permission-based access.
  • Working with sensitive, regulated information, we have stringent levels of security and compliance including SOC 2 and HIPAA.
  • Our document processing, storage, and shredding procedures deliver additional levels of security.

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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource
Top 5 Reasons to Outsource